Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What do you think happens?

My friend Cora  Posted a blog today, You can check it out over here

 And in it she posted some very interesting things about end of life. Now I am a firm believe in the otherworld. I also believe in a time of rest. But i have many struggles with this subject. In otherwords I tend to piss people off on this subject. Not on purpose it just tends to happen. I often think it is because of my personal thoughts and views.

 For example I do not think there is a set "year" limit you have to stay in the otherworld. I had a very rocky discussion about this with a girl who owned a pagan shop near my home. Putting a limit of 15 years is just silly in my book.

 I guess it is because I look at the big picture. By that I mean i believe every case is different. Who are we to say hey that did or dint happen to that person. By this I mean how can you tell some one who was born in the 77 that they didn't have a past life in the 72.  If you sit in the court of law for one day you would see that every case is just a little different. Even in traffic court. 2 men could be up and accused of the same thing. But one may have priors and the other may not. So there outcome could be completely different. I see this as the same when we pass on and enter the otherworld.

 Every person is different every person a greater lesson to learn in life. When we come to our end, I do believe we take a moment of reflection. I do believe we look at the most important facts and I do believe we choose our next life and it is a choice.But I dint believe that anyone else can make that choice for us. Or put a time limit on how long it will take you to get there.

 I witnessed an event between a young women and one of my teacher's/mentors . The event consisted of a young girl who was faced with an abortion. This young girl couldn't handle her decisions. her soul battled with the choice she had made. She wanted to die. My mentor said to her child you are not seeing the whole picture. This was already planned out, It was an agreement between your soul and that soul before you even chose this life. Your baby that you mourn for will be with you again. Just you wait and see. The girl slowly wiped her tears. We did some healing on her. We asked the Gods and the Goddess to help her on her path. And when we were done we sent her on her way. I saw this women months later. She Looked magnificent. and she ran to me and hugged me. She told me how she had finally found peace within herself.  I was never so happy for someone. I still believe with all my heart that she will one day be reunited with her baby. Maybe in a different time place or life them 2 souls will meet again.

 Now you ask but who would choose that life. Maybe her soul felt she needed to learn something there.
I know for a fact my soul needed this life. Even if it was only for me and My Hubby to finally be married.
This life has had many winding roads but all of them lead me to him. And for my soul to trust a man in its self is a miracle. LOL

 I am also a believer in the fact that my soul will not suffer after life dogma. I do not believe in hell there for i will not parish there for sins. I suffer now, I have no one to blame. In other words I cant blame the devil. I say this because of another valuable lesson I learned from another teacher/Mentor. is that excepting to be a witch is excepting to deal with the wrong you have done now.Christians wait till the after life to deal with the mistakes. A witch can not hide from her mistakes. She is forced to see them now. And believe me I am always dealing with my mistakes. lol

 So i guess in a nut shell I don't think anything in life or the after life is simple. it is what we make of our life. That is the true measure of greatness. What you choose to do with this life.

Ok now that Cora got me all serious, I am going back to my silly old self. LMFAO. Just kidding Love ya Cora.
Witchy hugz
P.S. All thoughts and Veiws on this page are Mine and mine alone. I dont excpect anyone to agree or disagree with me.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Lesson 1

In life we all are faced with  life lessons. Some of these lessons are grand. By that I mean they have taught you something wonderful. Some of these lessons suck, and slowly become a moment that we wont forget. But a Life lesson is a way that the Gods and Goddess teach us. (at lease that is how i look at it)

 Well I have had a fairly rough life. I have seen my fair share of life and its lessons. I have seen death, abuse, poverty,strength,weakness, addiction, and many other things.
 Now lets get something straight I am not the boo-hoo type. I don't sit around having pitty parties for my self. Actually people like that get on my fucking nerves. But I do think that I am steady learning lessons just like the rest of us. I believe most of these things I have seen are life lessons. By that I mean they are things I had to go threw to become who I am. I hold No shame to my past. And I live my life with No regrets.

 Well recently I had this bout of momma always told me episodes. And I caught my self doing things I knew better than doing. So some times I guess we all can use a little reminder of life's crazy little lessons. So I have decide to do a set of Lesson blogs.  I Hope you all like em.

  This weeks lesson you may not see, what someone else is going threw.
I have had a very hard last couple of weeks with friends it has seemed like they would go out of there way to cut me down/hurt my feelings. So i was getting into Betty Bitch Mode. You know the I don't give a fuck. If you aren't going to be nice why the hell should I. And as soon as my friends saw I was getting like that their tune changed. and boom guess what the two friends in question was going threw some stressfull shit. I felt like dog poo! And yet again Mommas words rang threw my head. Don't Judge a Book by it's cover. O how I wish I would here them gentle notions before I make an ass of myself.

Witchy Hugz all

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Belief-O-Matic Thanks Cora

A Personality quiz about your religious and spiritual beliefs

Send it to a friendTo send your Belief-O-Matic Quiz results to a friend please click here.

Your Results

1. Neo-Pagan (100%)
2. New Age (88%)
3. Mahayana Buddhism (87%)
4. Hinduism (83%)
5. Jainism (81%)
6. Unitarian Universalism (80%)
7. New Thought (69%)
8. Theravada Buddhism (68%)
9. Liberal Quakers (64%)
10. Scientology (63%)
11. Reform Judaism (55%)
12. Sikhism (54%)
13. Taoism (53%)
14. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (47%)
15. Secular Humanism (46%)
16. Baha'i Faith (45%)
17. Orthodox Quaker (42%)
18. Orthodox Judaism (42%)
19. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (40%)
20. Nontheist (38%)
21. Islam (31%)
22. Seventh Day Adventist (19%)
23. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (18%)
24. Jehovah's Witness (12%)
25. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (6%)
26. Eastern Orthodox (2%)
27. Roman Catholic (2%)

Dinner challenge Thanks Dark Mother

This is who I would want at my last supper!
You will never recover from this dinner party.

First off The one the only Jim Morrision
Because not only is he a wonderful Poet, But he is also smokin Hot to boot. But I would want him to appear like this. Not in the drunkin beer gut hairy man stage. lol

Jimmy Hendrix, Umm if you like rock music how can you not give it up to this guy. He was a god when he played his guitar. We owe so much to him and his music. Not to mention he was a Black man in the 70's Playing hard rock. I bet he has got some stories to tell.
Janis Joplin, Well I like her so much there is actually a pic of her in my ritual room. LoL. She is the best Female vocalist of all time. in my book. and there isnt any female singer today who could hold a flame to them pipes, (just saying) Plus again we are dealing with the 70's and she was the queen of sexual freedom.

The Brothers Grimm, What can you say, You created the Nightmare, Thank you for scaring me stiff...

Bill Clinton, Man i would love to meet him the first president who was ridiculed in public for getting a blow job. (because we know for a fact that he wasnt the first president who was un -faithful to his wife)
Come on people, Bill I would Love to smoke pot with You.. LOL

Marie Laveau, O yeah I went there the Voo doo queen hereself.  There is so much that people think and dont know about her. She had 15 children one who was named after her. But it is said that she owned a brothel. Just something completely awesome about her. I would love to have a cup of Joe with her. 
What you think of my Six! LOL
O yeah I was suposed to Tag six people.
K I tag
The snarky stalker
Irish Goddess
Cystal Luna Rouge
The rules are pic 6 people dead or alive that you would like to have dinner with, Then tag six people.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Ok I want this really bad. LOL so friends got to this blog spot and check it out... LOL

She has alot of cool stuff up for grabs go Follow her page. U just might like it!!!
Witchy Hugz

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lazy witchary strikes agian!

Ok as I have explained in one of my very first blogs, check it out here
I am the queen of a little something I like to call lazy witchary. I believe this happens to all of us but only select few really admit to having this.

 So as i have been very caught up in the day to day lately. I get back on here to see, Holy shit I am behind again. DUDE seriously I love you blog friends really I do, But I cant keep up. Not that I don't want to. I would love to keep up. But you guys are blogging machines. You guys blog all the time.
Ok so today I am like OMG I got to get on blog spot and see what everyone has been up to. then Holy shit I am like frikin 2 weeks behind. LOL
I don't know how you guys do it.....

Dark Mother one of my Favorite blogs.. Mainly because she tells people to fuck off all the time.. ;) Has posted like 8 freaking blogs.
 And My gypsy girl who  love so dear, Yup like 10 behind there. LOL

  And Cora, Yup way behind on your blog 2 love.

 It isn't that I don't love to post. It isn't that I don't love to read. It is that I cant keep up. LOL
 For the love of the Goddess please take away my ADD.

 So I am reading and will try to catch up. But just remember Lazy witch Is me..Love you guys,but ya I cant keep up...
Witchy Hugz

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A new blog find!!!

I am really liking this new blog! The snarky Stalker.
 Her last post ask question evolve Really spoke to me. Well one I love wonderful quotes. But I am always telling people first trust your self. Second ask yourself, And third take action starting with yourself. I am a firm believe that truth only comes from oneself.

 I know a little deeper than you all are used to from me. But I am a very deep person. I just choose to live in laughter.

  Today May you all take a moment to make a choice to help or change something inside of you.

Blessings and Love always
Witchy Hugz

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I got a button Finally!

OMG I finally got a button..... Please friends pick up my button and put it on you pages!!! LOL
I know it has taken forever but am really excited I finally got a Button.

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Spring is in the air!!!

Blessed Ostara
My Friends

O how I love spring. I know it sounds very lame to some. But I get all gitty inside with the first sign of spring. Out of no where I will bust out my Sublime C.D. (in my eyes the greatest spring fever C.D. ever written.) And I will make it my cruzin music untill spring fever wears out.

 Now I know some of you celebrate Ostara on different days. But today my kids are home so today I am doing our Ostara... LOL( I don't think the Goddess Minds One bit.)

 Most of our Sabbats focus around foods. so what is on our menu today. Well we are having Honey Glazed chicken breast~ and Salad~  and Faerie cakes... Now I know some of you are puzzled by the faerie cakes.

 But I was raised as a generational fey. What I mean by that is my parents and grandparents firmly believed in the fey. Christian or not the fey was alive in our home. My family believed some fey sleep during the winter months. Much like a hibernation. And they would awake in the spring. So faerie cakes is a big part of my spring time ritual and so is the fey.

 So to add some fun there is more recipes to share... LOL

Faerie cake
1 stick butter
2/3 cup sugar
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 grated orange rind
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
11/4 cup flour
1/3 cup milk
1/2 cup raisins

Pre heat Oven to 375, Cream butter and sugar, add eggs vanilla and orange rind, Mix baking powder in with flour, Mix flour baking powder mix in with the butter mixture. Add milk and raisins, Put in muffin pan and bake for 25 min. You can drizzle an icing over the top.

Well I hope you all have a Blessed Ostara!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toon time.Blog game

 My family addiction is cartoons. LOL  We all like toons. And everyone has their favorite, but by far the family fav is the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

 you can watch an episode here

I am telling you we crack up over this cartoon. Tonight we watched "Druid, Where is my car?" and omg I cracked up.  And just so everyone knows I am not picking on druids, I like druids..
But the episode is so funny. I almost pissed my pants.
Just the whole thought of this cartoon is funny. These 2 kids trapping the grim reaper is hilarious. If you have never watched this you need to.

 Here in the land of the Mad Madam we take our toons seriously. You have to identify your self with a toon in order for us to properly grasp you as a person. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy describe our family comedy as a whole, but individually this is what we look like.

  My son, Yup, poor thing is an alien.
Ben 10 is his toon

My oldest daughter,
She is the most misunderstood!

The youngest daughter
Yup, it is all about the me time.
Agnes from Despicable me

The hubby and I, yup, you guessed it
I am Dory
and he is Marlin
From finding Nemo

Now can you understand why we love cartoons.... LOL

So this is actually a fun little blog, I dare you all to give it a try!

Find a toon that will describe every member of your family and post it in your blog.
Dont forget to leave me a comment here telling me you posted a toon blog. So i can come check it out.
Big Hugz

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What am I

So in recently I have been having talks with with friends and what not about religious views and etc. And constantly I am face with the same thing as always.  That is to put a name to what type of Pagan I am. I find this funny that everyone needs to name how they feel and what they are. I guess I dint look at being pagan like that at all.

  In a recent class that I took, The teacher didn't like the term ecclectic he felt that didn't describe who or what he was. I simply don't care what label others feel I need to have. I love Irish folklore, I love Irish magic, I love Gypsy folklore and Gypsy magic, I love welsh folklore and welsh magic, I love Buddhism and feel the magic there. I love my roots and family traditions that make again magic, I also like Hoo-Doo.   I grew up Catholic and Pentecostal, I worked at a Lutheran school for a long time. And in Christianity in all forms I found Magic. I am a mixed breed of Prussian, Irish, welsh, and French. LMFAO no wonder I cant put a name to it, I am simply an American  pagan Mutt. But if you ask me what kind of pagan are you?  you will be told the spiritual Kind....
Blessings and love

Friday, March 4, 2011

Irish Contest (*squeek*)

Ok so I found a new blog today, And for you guys who dont know it I love Irish and celtic stuff, My self I am Irish and welsh, The hubby is Scotish, So we call our self a celtic house hold. lol Any hoo this lady is doing an Irish give away and ya, Will just say I am stoked!!! LOL so go check out her page
And here is the Joke I submitted to her.....

A man wakes up one morning with the filthiest hangover and no recollection of the night before. Slowly opening his eyes, he sees a bottle of aspirin and a glass of water on the bedside table.
He looks around the room to find his clothes are on the dresser, neatly folded, with a clean shirt on top. The bedroom is immaculate. On the bedside table is a note, which says, 'Darling, your breakfast is in the kitchen. I love you.'
Downstairs, he finds his favourite cereal, croissants, fresh OJ and freshly brewed coffee laid out waiting for him, along with the morning paper - and his 15-year-old son, who is finishing his own breakfast.
'Tell me, son,' he asks, 'what happened last night?'
'Well, says the boy, 'you came home so blind drunk you didn't even know your own name. You nearly broke the door down, then you were sick in the hallway, then you knocked the furniture over and when Mum tried to calm you down, you thought she was the police, so you gave her a black eye.'
'Christ!' says the man. 'Then how come my clothes are all folded, the house is tidy and my breakfast is ready?'
'When Mum dragged you into the bedroom and tried to get your trousers off to put you into bed, you shouted at her, 'Get your filthy hands off me, you whore, I'm married!''

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bitch who is wearing the red shoes now!!!!

I know Just the title makes you gitty! Well as some of you know I went to a pagan convention as I do every year. As always there are some Highlights to certain classes I have taken. So if you get all squeamish at these words, Spells, charms, hex, Hoo-Doo, poppet's and revenge you might want to quit reading now. Because this isn't your Grandmas Magick.

 The title was chosen Because Gypsy and I, Purchased a gift for our friend. It was a coffee mug that had a pair of ruby red slippers on it, And it read Bitch who's got the red shoes now. LMFAO So that became our theme of the weekend. it seemed every time something came up it was Bitch who's got the red shoes now. So in light of that this blog is about all of the magical things that go Bump in the Night!( insert wicked cackle here, BbbbuuuuuaaaaWWWWaaaaaahhhhhhaaaa!!!!!!!)

 Now please keep in mind that I am sharing these things Just because they are fun.  This was a fun hearted class on Swamp witchery( instructed by Dorthy Morrison and Jacki Smith) and please remember anything that can be used in a bad way can also be used in a good way!

 So we are just going to jump in to the nitty gritty of things, This class was mainly about making something out of nothing. The biggest lesson I think any witch could ever know is , There is a perfect witch who gets her shopping list together, picks up every little thing you could ever need in ritual or spell work, And then there is me that fly's by the sit of her pants and in a pinch any lttle herb in the garden will do, because sweetie it is all about intent.

  So lets start with poppet's, Now I have never used a poppet. And I mean never.. just something I didn't want to fuck with you know. But after this class. I think I have a whole new way of thinking. LOL
So they showed us a few very simple ways to make a poppet. Plus the obvious what the heck do you, do with one. ( some of which i knew but again i just didn't want to fuck with it) one after you give the poppet a purpose you can give it the gift of life by a breath or by whispering its name to it. You can also give it a Quickening by spitting alcohol on it. You can use different types depending on the purpose of the poppet. But don't forget to give it a death date(this be one of the things i didn't know). That is a time when your poppet must quit working, I guess the little buggers can get a mind of there own if a death date is not given. But you can also stuff your poppet full of things to help your magic out, Like clove to shut someones mouth. Or a note of something that person is forgetting to do.
But always remember to try and exhaust all mundane options first. Like trying to call them or ask for your money.

  Next off we have my favorite of all. and that was a quick Motivation spell.( my Hubby better watch out on this one). LOL
Cheyenne pepper
Red pepper
ground pepper
Place mixture in shoes to help them stay motivated on a certain task or to pick up the pace.

 How about if you want to end a relationship ( this one is from Dorthy.....By the way I adore her, and just think she is the funnest person ever) You are just sick of someones shit. You can write there name on a piece of toilet paper and wipe your ass with them. LOL I love that one, I laughed so hard I dam near pissed my pants.

 So I think that just started the whole mood for the weekend. we had a great and fun weekend, But this was a very fun class. For anyone who is interested in checking out some really cool products Made by Jackie Smith , You can check out her website at, She makes some really cool candles and all kinds of stuff!! My fav is the Van van oil....By the end of the weekend Gypsy was picking on me about the Van van. The term she used was you are acting like the old man from my big fat greek wedding with the windex. I was walking around all weekend saying o just put some van van on it... lol
 I hope you all have a Blessed Day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What for dinner #2

Earth bound steak

tsp thyme
1tsp oregano
1tsp of white pepper
1 bay leaf
2 cloves garlic
2tbs of butter
1tsp tarragon
2 cups red wine
4 steak ( really you can use any number of steak and any kind)
Small roasting pan
glaze sauce

Onion Chopped
portabella Mushroom chopped
4tbs butter
1/2 cup wine roasting sauce
Ok this is an easy meal simple mix all the seasoning and herbs and 2 cups wine in a roasting pan, Salt steak on both sides, place steak into the roaster, (pre heat oven to 350) cook for 1hr 30 min at 350

When you remove the steak from oven collect 1/2 of cup of the wine from the roaster pan and set aside.

take a frying pan and melt the butter till it is bubbling add your chopped onion and Mushroom, Stir around a bit till the mushroom starts to change color, Add 1/2 cup of wine sauce you had set aside cook for 3 min on medium heat, serve this sauce ontop of your steak.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My new Friend!

Well today I got on my blog spot to find I have a new follower on my Blog! Well I don't know about all of you but this gets me all kinds of gitty inside. I don't have very many blog followers so it always cheers me up to find someone new, Well watch the little video to see how this turned out for me!! Followers!!! by Mad Madam

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

 Yup it turned out my new friend was one of my coven sisters or as i refer to them as soul sisters!!!
Welcome to blog spot Wyckked!!! Love ya
Please add her

O My Erik

 The HBO series true blood.. OMG I love it! And Eric you are too dam Sexy. So in light that soon it will be True blood Seaseon
Here is some Eric For ya!

Yup Bath time with Eric... OMG He is fine!!!

True Blood Season 4 Premieres June 12

Only 112 more days!!!!! LOL I am so excited!!!!
All of this was fueled by my Good friend  wyckked.... I love her she is a very good girl friend of mine please check out her blog spot!!!

What the hell happend!!!!

Well friends welcome to the name of the game! After this blog you should fully under stand why I call My self the Mad Madam...

  So now that I just stepped one foot out of the underworld, I need to catch up with all of you and have all of you catch up with me.

 So this year sucks ass! yupp I said it. This year blows, I officially hate 2011. in the month of January we had not 1 but 4 deaths. yup it was horrible.
 first off my husbands Aunt,\

Then Hubby's Grandpa, Which officially marks the end of his family.(besides me and the kids of course)

Then My brothers best friend lost his 14 month old little girl to suffocation,

And then my husbands childhood pastor, (even though hubby is no longer Christian he still loved his old pastor and was friends with his children)

 I couldn't believe it! all in one week, it was unreal. I am doing better finally I tryed to write about 2 weeks ago and just couldn't do it.

Blog friends
I am trying so hard to catch up but there has been over a month lost, So if I have missed something or haven't posted a comment please don't hold it against me. I love your blogs thats why I read them.. LOL

The second thing that has been going on is Girl Scouts, Yupp my daughters love it! and I am a fearless leader. lol Well it is the much dreaded cookie time. Yes the time of year that Gypsy hates more than anything else in the world. My friend Gypsy Hates this time of the year because I can not keep up with anything. LOL
Then to top all of this up I am trying to get my Business up and running. LOL it is not going as smooth as I would like. And I need to put a little more elbow grease into before lift off.... LOL
Plus  during all of this My oldest the Gamer well he has been having some medical issues. don't worry nothing to worry about. I have been dealing with this in a holistic way< but we have had some small procedures and so far they have found nothing. So lets keep our fingers crossed.
 So as always 1,000 crazy ass things are happing all of which make up the story of my life. 10,000 balls in the air and watch not a one will hit the ground. I have this way of dealing with stress that is simple and easy to do,( whats that you say? How do I do this?) The Answer is simple stand in the middle of a crowded room and scream at the top of your lungs. Yup thats it . it works every time, After I do this public display of humiliation things seem so much simpler.......
I hope you all have a blessed day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My word of the year!!!

Sorry it is so late guys, But man o man this year came in with a bang! I have had sick kids a sick pop's that is my dads nick name pops or daddy O. And well I haven't had time to breath let alone blog. LOL
But it is slowly winding down.

My word of the year is Generate,

I need to generate More energy to do the things I love,
I need to generate more income for my family,
I need to generate more time to finish old projects,
I need to generate more patience when tending to my children,
And I need to generate a change in my live to find my self again,

I have been changing my life extremely over the last 8 years, I was a party girl that was who I was, and the only girl i really new as me, So now that I am a mother of 3 I just became Mom, To my husband I just became wife, And to my self I just became lost, This year I am redefine who I am, I am going to try and find the new woman i have became in the hustle and bustle called life. I am making career change, I am going to make healthy change, and I am making new and improved house hold change, ( in other words everyone is going to be doing chores not just me.) So this year the Goddess has sent great change to me, And I better make it work...
Love and Hugz

What"s for dinner? #1

I am an easy going cook! I love to cook but it has to be yummy and quick and easy, So here is my first blog in a new chapter of blogs called whats for dinner.

Tonight Smothered Chops
( o yeah I measure kinda funky, Well I don't measure,,,,LOL)
4-6 boneless chops
2 hand fulls flour
3 pinches of the Greek (Cavender"s All purpose greek seasoning* Totally love this shit*)
3 pinches of chicken seasoning ( I use Bavarian inn chicken seasoning made right here in Frakenmuth MI)
3 Pinches Southwest seasoning mix( pampered chef)
3 pinches of garlic salt
3 pinches of onion salt
1 can chicken broth
1 jar of mushroom Alfredo sauce
1 box whole wheat rotini noodles
olive oil
Start to boil your water for noodles
 with your pork chops Take a paper towel and blot the chops on both sides, Mix the flour and all seasoning in a shallow bowl, Take chops and dip Both sides of chop in seasoned flour, Warm olive oil in frying pan, Fry chops until lightly brown on both sides, remove chops and set aside, In the frying pan you will have some drippings from the chops scape the drippings into a large sauce pan, add the chicken broth and the mushroom Alfredo, put sauce on top of stove top  and stir, add in pork chops when sauce is smooth simmer for 20 min.
cook noodles when simmering the chops,
When done place a cup of noodles on the plate add chop and smother with sauce............
It is very yummy!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The time is near.....

Yup it is almost that time of year when my witchy twin comes for her annual visit to the cold depths of the north. ( for more info on my witchy twin go here For the full story)
( I am getting so excited *****squeeeaaakkkk******) I look forward to this visit every year. Not just because my witchy twin comes to see me,,, Did I mention she is coming to see me. LOL But Because of were we go on this trip.
 Ya that’s right we are going out on the town ladies..
In Michigan here we have a huge pagan gathering called Convocation.... OMGoddess it is wonderful, Every year I have taken classes that I love. I have learned things that have changed my life, I have had wonderful  experiences  meeting new and fabulous people. It is just a great event. go check it out....
But this is my third year attending< and I am so excited because Gypsy and My favorite author Chis Penczak.... Is going to be there and doing a few classes.....(which i am so freaking stoked about..) So Gypsy went from I don’t know if I can come this year to Woo-Hoo book the hotel Inis.
 I really want to touch base on the classes they offer here, Now I have taken some bunk classes at this event, But for the most part I have taken some wonderful classes, And had fun in some great rituals. I have to say Gypsy and I both loved the Norse ritual, > 9 worlds of the north< and it was so great. I also took this class on Green Burial, Loved it. Plus a ton of others This is a 4 day event, and classes go from 9am-8pm, Then the drumming starts. O yeah baby the drumming.

 So if you get some free time go check out the Convocation page, click on Programming and the go to classes I believe that is how it works, and then tell me what class you would take this year. Then I am going to try and find my notes from years past and share some of my favorite classes I have taken. So keep your eye out on my blog for lessons from con… LOL
Witchy hugz

Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Nutty are you?

Recently I was reading good house keeping magazine. (from August 2010) When I found a little article on Nuts and your personality, I was stunned at how very accurate this was. As I read I found that they tested this on more than 1,000 volunteers. So now for your viewing pleasure A simple Nut divination.....

It is very simple, Five Nuts are listed, You pick your favorite out of the five scroll down and see what that nut says about your personality...

Salted Peanuts