Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What do you think happens?

My friend Cora  Posted a blog today, You can check it out over here

 And in it she posted some very interesting things about end of life. Now I am a firm believe in the otherworld. I also believe in a time of rest. But i have many struggles with this subject. In otherwords I tend to piss people off on this subject. Not on purpose it just tends to happen. I often think it is because of my personal thoughts and views.

 For example I do not think there is a set "year" limit you have to stay in the otherworld. I had a very rocky discussion about this with a girl who owned a pagan shop near my home. Putting a limit of 15 years is just silly in my book.

 I guess it is because I look at the big picture. By that I mean i believe every case is different. Who are we to say hey that did or dint happen to that person. By this I mean how can you tell some one who was born in the 77 that they didn't have a past life in the 72.  If you sit in the court of law for one day you would see that every case is just a little different. Even in traffic court. 2 men could be up and accused of the same thing. But one may have priors and the other may not. So there outcome could be completely different. I see this as the same when we pass on and enter the otherworld.

 Every person is different every person a greater lesson to learn in life. When we come to our end, I do believe we take a moment of reflection. I do believe we look at the most important facts and I do believe we choose our next life and it is a choice.But I dint believe that anyone else can make that choice for us. Or put a time limit on how long it will take you to get there.

 I witnessed an event between a young women and one of my teacher's/mentors . The event consisted of a young girl who was faced with an abortion. This young girl couldn't handle her decisions. her soul battled with the choice she had made. She wanted to die. My mentor said to her child you are not seeing the whole picture. This was already planned out, It was an agreement between your soul and that soul before you even chose this life. Your baby that you mourn for will be with you again. Just you wait and see. The girl slowly wiped her tears. We did some healing on her. We asked the Gods and the Goddess to help her on her path. And when we were done we sent her on her way. I saw this women months later. She Looked magnificent. and she ran to me and hugged me. She told me how she had finally found peace within herself.  I was never so happy for someone. I still believe with all my heart that she will one day be reunited with her baby. Maybe in a different time place or life them 2 souls will meet again.

 Now you ask but who would choose that life. Maybe her soul felt she needed to learn something there.
I know for a fact my soul needed this life. Even if it was only for me and My Hubby to finally be married.
This life has had many winding roads but all of them lead me to him. And for my soul to trust a man in its self is a miracle. LOL

 I am also a believer in the fact that my soul will not suffer after life dogma. I do not believe in hell there for i will not parish there for sins. I suffer now, I have no one to blame. In other words I cant blame the devil. I say this because of another valuable lesson I learned from another teacher/Mentor. is that excepting to be a witch is excepting to deal with the wrong you have done now.Christians wait till the after life to deal with the mistakes. A witch can not hide from her mistakes. She is forced to see them now. And believe me I am always dealing with my mistakes. lol

 So i guess in a nut shell I don't think anything in life or the after life is simple. it is what we make of our life. That is the true measure of greatness. What you choose to do with this life.

Ok now that Cora got me all serious, I am going back to my silly old self. LMFAO. Just kidding Love ya Cora.
Witchy hugz
P.S. All thoughts and Veiws on this page are Mine and mine alone. I dont excpect anyone to agree or disagree with me.



  1. "I don't think anything in life or the after life is simple. it is what we make of our life. That is the true measure of greatness. What you choose to do with this life."

    I LOVE that! :D I like thinking about what happens next, where do we originat from and where are we going... But in truth I feel like that is less significant that what is here and now. This life is what matters and the rest I'm not sure that we're meant to get. :) :) :)

  2. Perhaps the "resting Period" between incarnations is a time for the soul to reflect with Divinity or Creator about lessons learned and lessons yet to be learned from the resently departed incarnation and that in itself may determine how long of a resting period there will be until you become incarnated once again.

    Perhaps we will be incarnated or reborn until we learn whatever lesson it is the soul is supposed to learn before becoming one with Divinity or the Universe. For some that may be one incarnation, for others maybe several times, who knows?

    Wow and I was that deep without the use of natural substances. Imagine what would happen if I had a little herbal incentive? LOL

  3. Well thanks E, I am glad u came 2 check this out. And Mrs.W. you are way to funny.herbal incentive...ha I luvs u
    Witchy hugz