Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dinner challenge Thanks Dark Mother

This is who I would want at my last supper!
You will never recover from this dinner party.

First off The one the only Jim Morrision
Because not only is he a wonderful Poet, But he is also smokin Hot to boot. But I would want him to appear like this. Not in the drunkin beer gut hairy man stage. lol

Jimmy Hendrix, Umm if you like rock music how can you not give it up to this guy. He was a god when he played his guitar. We owe so much to him and his music. Not to mention he was a Black man in the 70's Playing hard rock. I bet he has got some stories to tell.
Janis Joplin, Well I like her so much there is actually a pic of her in my ritual room. LoL. She is the best Female vocalist of all time. in my book. and there isnt any female singer today who could hold a flame to them pipes, (just saying) Plus again we are dealing with the 70's and she was the queen of sexual freedom.

The Brothers Grimm, What can you say, You created the Nightmare, Thank you for scaring me stiff...

Bill Clinton, Man i would love to meet him the first president who was ridiculed in public for getting a blow job. (because we know for a fact that he wasnt the first president who was un -faithful to his wife)
Come on people, Bill I would Love to smoke pot with You.. LOL

Marie Laveau, O yeah I went there the Voo doo queen hereself.  There is so much that people think and dont know about her. She had 15 children one who was named after her. But it is said that she owned a brothel. Just something completely awesome about her. I would love to have a cup of Joe with her. 
What you think of my Six! LOL
O yeah I was suposed to Tag six people.
K I tag
The snarky stalker
Irish Goddess
Cystal Luna Rouge
The rules are pic 6 people dead or alive that you would like to have dinner with, Then tag six people.


  1. LOL, I love your dinner choices for sure. As for Janis I personally think that A) you channel her A LOT or B) she is definately your spirit guide because you certainly do have her fierce free-spirited ways with the way you live life and ROCK! I also happen to think Bill Clinton was the most REAL Prez we ever had and yeah I would smoke pot with him anytime too!!!

  2. LMFAO! I knew you would love to attend mine. I can wait to see yours... LOL love ya!

  3. OK, I am wicked happy you participated and I have to tell you that Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Bill Clinton were all on my list...but I had to cut it down.

    Great minds and what a fun fucking dinner party that would be.

  4. LOL, it would be a fucking fab dinner party... LOL

    Witchy Hugz

  5. I will take that challenge....hmmmm who would I want at my party? Stay tuned!

    Can I still be at yours? I would love to jam with those legends! Trade licks on the guitar with Jimmy, sing with Janis and trade spells with Marie!