Monday, April 18, 2011

Lesson 1

In life we all are faced with  life lessons. Some of these lessons are grand. By that I mean they have taught you something wonderful. Some of these lessons suck, and slowly become a moment that we wont forget. But a Life lesson is a way that the Gods and Goddess teach us. (at lease that is how i look at it)

 Well I have had a fairly rough life. I have seen my fair share of life and its lessons. I have seen death, abuse, poverty,strength,weakness, addiction, and many other things.
 Now lets get something straight I am not the boo-hoo type. I don't sit around having pitty parties for my self. Actually people like that get on my fucking nerves. But I do think that I am steady learning lessons just like the rest of us. I believe most of these things I have seen are life lessons. By that I mean they are things I had to go threw to become who I am. I hold No shame to my past. And I live my life with No regrets.

 Well recently I had this bout of momma always told me episodes. And I caught my self doing things I knew better than doing. So some times I guess we all can use a little reminder of life's crazy little lessons. So I have decide to do a set of Lesson blogs.  I Hope you all like em.

  This weeks lesson you may not see, what someone else is going threw.
I have had a very hard last couple of weeks with friends it has seemed like they would go out of there way to cut me down/hurt my feelings. So i was getting into Betty Bitch Mode. You know the I don't give a fuck. If you aren't going to be nice why the hell should I. And as soon as my friends saw I was getting like that their tune changed. and boom guess what the two friends in question was going threw some stressfull shit. I felt like dog poo! And yet again Mommas words rang threw my head. Don't Judge a Book by it's cover. O how I wish I would here them gentle notions before I make an ass of myself.

Witchy Hugz all


  1. HUGS! It sucks when that happens, I fight the feelings so hard especially when my kids were little to NOT be my mother. Resently I deleted a good friend from facebook because I was in a deep dark space and seeing doctors and off work and thought I was the only one going through shit, only to find out when she had made her comments about sucking it up and I wasn't the only one to have been there blah blah 2 months later I learned she had just miscarried and I didn't know because I had deleted her because she had said what I didn't want to hear. I know feel like a complete ass!
    Love and Light sweetie!

  2. OH, hun, but doesn't your lesson apply to yourself as well?? Perhaps your friends would have made more of an effort if they had known YOU were also stressed. Life's a bitch sometimes. We all go through crappy shit, and we all make the mistake of being less than nice to people we care about. Don't be so tough on You. Love ya. *HUGS*

  3. I'm with that smart chick Gumbo up there, it's a two way street. The answer to that conundrum is communication. That's the lesson to be learned here.

  4. Unless the powers that be create a condum for Mr. Not-Knowing ..then Miss-Understanding will continue to get knocked up and give birth to little thought babies with the highly communicable Foot-In-Mouth Disease. LOL, there is a possible cure for it though and Dark Mother said it...communication. Just apply regulary, lol! Don't beat yourself up over it though because there is know way of ever knowing what is going on in peoples lives, not even our closest people and they of us as well. Love ya

  5. Awwh thanks girls, I luvs you all. But the lessons is about me and the fact that I want to share. Thanks everyone for reading.
    Witchy Hugz

  6. I like your Life Lesson series :-)

    This is a lesson I've had to learn a few times myself... maybe it has finally stuck ;-)