Monday, December 27, 2010

My Yule Tide Tail

Yule tide what a wonderful season. A season of Love a season of laughter. And the celebration of the sun God Woo-Hoo!
 Our Yule celebration Starts on Yule Day! my children are allowed to open 1 gift a night from Yule to what is now Known as Christmas day,.... I only allow this because of popular myth that my children are taught at school.
 Any-hoo, on the first day of Yule My children gave to Meeeeee!

A bunch of bath time Goodies, and a star Upon the Yuletide tree....

 On the second day of Yule-tide my Hubby gave to Meeeee!!!!

Three Pagan friendly Books, wonderful Bath time goodies and a star upon the Yule tide tree!

On the 3rd day of yule tide My Hubby gave to me!!!
Spirlia in PJs
A pair of new pajamas,and I wont torture you with pictures, three pagan friendly magazines, Wonderful bath time goodies, and a star upon the yule tide tree.

On the Last day of Yuletide My Hubby gave to Meeee!!!!

The Sims X-box Game, A pair of nifty pj's, Three pagan friendly magazines, A bunch of bath time goodies, And a star Upon the Yuletide tree!!!!...

I hope You all had a blessed Yuletide Season!!!
Witchy Hugz

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My ode to my pantheons

 For those of you who follow My good friend Gypsy's blog, You have already seen that our last ritual together was quite a hoot, If not you can go check it out,
 So in light of our Ritual problem I was going to do an Ode to my Pantheons on my blog... Notice I said Pantheons, Meaning 2 the God and Goddess.. And the blog was going quite well. I spent all day writing about both my God Loki and my Goddess Brighid,
  So me being very proud of my work went to post. When the unthinkable happened, Yes that is right the whole blog I spent hours righting and Prof reading, Was gone. My first thought was it is ok I saved it. Ya well guess again. Just because you hit save doesn't mean it will save.
  Now I am a person who believes in signs,( as do most in the pagan community)  But I had thought to my self why pantheons at one point. I should just dedicate it to Loki!!! I should have listen to my gut I tell Ya.
  You see my pantheon God Loki, Well he is the vindictive type. LOL and well if he is demanding you attention, He will receive it. No matter what you think is going to happen. So this blog started off as a pantheons tribute and has now turned into a Loki tribute.

The Norse God Loki
God of  Mischief, Destruction,trickster,shape shifting, Sexuality, Humor,Chaos, and Friendship
Ode to Loki
Loki threw you I see me
truth that no other can see
You let the rights be wrong
and the wrongs be right
in chaos I can find light

Now some of you may think my choice in God is a little crazy and out there.
I say I don't blame you one bit. For Loki is not a God for the weak hearted. You have to be willing to learn from the many lessons he shows you. (we will just say his lessons never come in a gentle way) So I don't recommend that any one choose this God for shits and Giggles. You have to be ready for the worse when working with Loki, And if the worst happens you have to be able to learn from the worse.
  Now I am going to tell you my life is surround by Loki, I actually sweat Loki perfume. LOL I live in complete and utter chaos. I actually thrive there. I am far from elegant. I am extremal clumsy.
and destruction is my middle name, That is why my little destroyer ( the Youngest of my three children) is just like her Momma, The strangest things happen to me. In fact most of my tall tails start with you aren't going to believe this. ( as I am Roaring with laughter)

 So now Honor has been paid. Hopefully balance has been restored.

Blessings and Love

Thursday, December 23, 2010

When The wind Blows

I have been dealing with a rough patch in my life. I guess I am not much of a talker when it comes to my problems, Fears and etc. I Keep to my self and only share with a specific few. But during these times I write poems. I guess this is my best form of art, So here is a poem from me,

 When the wind Blows

 When the wind blows
I feel you near
when the tide rise
my fear comes near
When the sun shines
I feel a warm embrace
when the moon shines
I can see your face

Goodnight all
Witchy Hugz

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lazy witchery

Attention: the following contains of this blog Might upset people.. If that is the case I am truly sorry for your inconvenience, Have a kiss and a band-aid on me.....
 If You have chosen to continue to read this blog it is because you have either experienced lazy witchery, and secretly liked it or you are very curious and want to know what it is..

 Lazy witchery is doing the acts of a witch with easy short cuts, I have been seeing you all posting about your home made arts and crafts for the holidays and Kudos to you, But me NOPE, Do i like to craft? Sure. But Not all the flipping time. I like easy and quick, I hate long and drawn out.. Congrats to those of you who can. But just count me out.

    Baking, O how I love to see all your treats. O how they make my tummy growl. But really who has time for all that. My kids got yule cookies they sure did. I bought them at Gorden's along with the icing I got 72 of them little buggers for 10 bucks and for 5 bucks a 2lb tub of icing awww yeah baby it was on. I cooked them, technically.

  Now we get down to the nitty gritty of practice, O yeah I am going to go there, My girlfriend gypsy and I Just talked about this. And that is the act of smudging and smoking out your house. Man I think it is great that some of you have the time to mix Herbs and use the mix to smoke your house. But me yup again I am to lazy for that a smudge wand and a feather does just fine.. If I am mixing herbs it is going to be for a tea..

 I even do my daily meditations easy.. Here is one ex sample from you tube.
Go check it out I bet you that you will love it. It is not that I don't Love my faith. I do, don't ever fret about my love for the Gods and the Goddess, I just have three young children and these little things help me keep up with my spirituality.
 Is lazy witchery contagious? Not that I know of But here may be some signs, Do you often run out of time? Are you very last minute? Do you often forget vital ritual tools? Are you often sleepy or worn out? Do you have small children?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions. Than you are the witch I am looking for. Simply follow my blog and get the fast and easy way to witchery... Thats right quick and easy tips to make your holiday just as grand as the rest of them pagans who have all day.
 So hear on this blog you will find a way to do things quick and easy, a little thing I like to call Lazy Witchery..
Blessings and Love

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Days

Yup it is that time of year again here in the north. The time when snow flies and the kids get a good old fashion snow day.

  Well the kids are on there second snow day in a row after a weekend. Yes that is a grand total of 4 days with out a break from one another. And the tension has risen. Beware the next couple of lines are not meant for the faint hearted.

 All day yesterday it was stop touching me, MOMMIE and tears, by 8pm I told the hubby to put the kids down and don't bother me. I locked my self in my bedroom with a 4 pack of  Seagram's calypso colada, I love that blue stuff. Around 10pm last night I get a phone call from the automatic service that school has been canceled yet another day. My thoughts I better get really drunk tonight. lol

7:15 am knock on the bedroom door, I clear my voice and say come in; Mommie Say's the diva age 8, my answer yes ummm I don't know how to tell you this, But we missed the bus, My response no honey we don't have school today another snow day. O well what am i supposed to do then. I say Well you can go back to bed if u want.( thats code for I really want to sleep in.) OK well night mommie, Good night(I chuckle to my self it worked at leased 20 min more sleep yipppeeee)

 7:20 am Knock at the door, Yes I* say, Mommie says the gamer age 10,  The diva Missed the school bus, ( he and the youngest had doctor app today so he knew he didn't miss it, But any chance for him to get a day off and his sister to go to school is imitate bragging rights, So there for he didn't want to miss this......) Sorry kiddo snow day no school today! Ooooo well can I play X-Box, No  not this morning. Well what can i do. I respond Go watch some T.V.

 7:25 am Knock at the door For the love of the goddess what???????? Mommie, ( the destroyer of all things is now awake, she is also known as princess talks allot. LOL age 5) Yes, Gamer is being mean and wont let us watch what we want to watch, My response fine I am up guys what do want for breakfast.......

  I love snow days!!!!!!
Have a great one!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The wild witch

I guess this is the best way to start... LOL
 I have always been a bit wild in my life, I always think of the Black Crows song hard to handle when I look at my self. But like me or leave me I have never changed. I am still as crazy and quick witted as I have ever been. The fact is I love my wild child streak, It is the one true evidence of an old soul. A person with an old soul knows not to trouble our self with the little things, As I say to my kids, is the house on fire? is someone bleeding? Has a house fallen un top of your sister? Because everything else in this life can be fixed with a kiss and a ban-aid. Well I hope you enjoy my blog, And if not i have plenty of Kisses and Band-aids to spare.
Witchy Hugz