Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Days

Yup it is that time of year again here in the north. The time when snow flies and the kids get a good old fashion snow day.

  Well the kids are on there second snow day in a row after a weekend. Yes that is a grand total of 4 days with out a break from one another. And the tension has risen. Beware the next couple of lines are not meant for the faint hearted.

 All day yesterday it was stop touching me, MOMMIE and tears, by 8pm I told the hubby to put the kids down and don't bother me. I locked my self in my bedroom with a 4 pack of  Seagram's calypso colada, I love that blue stuff. Around 10pm last night I get a phone call from the automatic service that school has been canceled yet another day. My thoughts I better get really drunk tonight. lol

7:15 am knock on the bedroom door, I clear my voice and say come in; Mommie Say's the diva age 8, my answer yes ummm I don't know how to tell you this, But we missed the bus, My response no honey we don't have school today another snow day. O well what am i supposed to do then. I say Well you can go back to bed if u want.( thats code for I really want to sleep in.) OK well night mommie, Good night(I chuckle to my self it worked at leased 20 min more sleep yipppeeee)

 7:20 am Knock at the door, Yes I* say, Mommie says the gamer age 10,  The diva Missed the school bus, ( he and the youngest had doctor app today so he knew he didn't miss it, But any chance for him to get a day off and his sister to go to school is imitate bragging rights, So there for he didn't want to miss this......) Sorry kiddo snow day no school today! Ooooo well can I play X-Box, No  not this morning. Well what can i do. I respond Go watch some T.V.

 7:25 am Knock at the door For the love of the goddess what???????? Mommie, ( the destroyer of all things is now awake, she is also known as princess talks allot. LOL age 5) Yes, Gamer is being mean and wont let us watch what we want to watch, My response fine I am up guys what do want for breakfast.......

  I love snow days!!!!!!
Have a great one!


  1. ha hahaha! "Destroyer of All things!" She gets it from her Mama. *wink*

  2. I know it! poor thing I am still not sure if it a curse or a blessing!

  3. "I locked my self in my bedroom with a 4 pack of Seagram's calypso colada"

    Girrrrrrl, that would totally be me but replace Seagram's calypso colada with Klonopin and you get the jist.

    I'm loving your blog, I think we are absolutely kindred spirits.

  4. LOL, I do to I love your blog two!!!