Monday, December 13, 2010

The wild witch

I guess this is the best way to start... LOL
 I have always been a bit wild in my life, I always think of the Black Crows song hard to handle when I look at my self. But like me or leave me I have never changed. I am still as crazy and quick witted as I have ever been. The fact is I love my wild child streak, It is the one true evidence of an old soul. A person with an old soul knows not to trouble our self with the little things, As I say to my kids, is the house on fire? is someone bleeding? Has a house fallen un top of your sister? Because everything else in this life can be fixed with a kiss and a ban-aid. Well I hope you enjoy my blog, And if not i have plenty of Kisses and Band-aids to spare.
Witchy Hugz