Monday, December 27, 2010

My Yule Tide Tail

Yule tide what a wonderful season. A season of Love a season of laughter. And the celebration of the sun God Woo-Hoo!
 Our Yule celebration Starts on Yule Day! my children are allowed to open 1 gift a night from Yule to what is now Known as Christmas day,.... I only allow this because of popular myth that my children are taught at school.
 Any-hoo, on the first day of Yule My children gave to Meeeeee!

A bunch of bath time Goodies, and a star Upon the Yuletide tree....

 On the second day of Yule-tide my Hubby gave to Meeeee!!!!

Three Pagan friendly Books, wonderful Bath time goodies and a star upon the Yule tide tree!

On the 3rd day of yule tide My Hubby gave to me!!!
Spirlia in PJs
A pair of new pajamas,and I wont torture you with pictures, three pagan friendly magazines, Wonderful bath time goodies, and a star upon the yule tide tree.

On the Last day of Yuletide My Hubby gave to Meeee!!!!

The Sims X-box Game, A pair of nifty pj's, Three pagan friendly magazines, A bunch of bath time goodies, And a star Upon the Yuletide tree!!!!...

I hope You all had a blessed Yuletide Season!!!
Witchy Hugz


  1. Lucky girl! Enjoy all your goodies!

  2. I will enjoy them....
    Witchy Hugz D.M.

  3. Haha, love the song. now I know you are nuttier than a squirrel turd. lol

  4. LoL. Awwwh bec you know you sang alomg..... lol