Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lazy witchery

Attention: the following contains of this blog Might upset people.. If that is the case I am truly sorry for your inconvenience, Have a kiss and a band-aid on me.....
 If You have chosen to continue to read this blog it is because you have either experienced lazy witchery, and secretly liked it or you are very curious and want to know what it is..

 Lazy witchery is doing the acts of a witch with easy short cuts, I have been seeing you all posting about your home made arts and crafts for the holidays and Kudos to you, But me NOPE, Do i like to craft? Sure. But Not all the flipping time. I like easy and quick, I hate long and drawn out.. Congrats to those of you who can. But just count me out.

    Baking, O how I love to see all your treats. O how they make my tummy growl. But really who has time for all that. My kids got yule cookies they sure did. I bought them at Gorden's along with the icing I got 72 of them little buggers for 10 bucks and for 5 bucks a 2lb tub of icing awww yeah baby it was on. I cooked them, technically.

  Now we get down to the nitty gritty of practice, O yeah I am going to go there, My girlfriend gypsy and I Just talked about this. And that is the act of smudging and smoking out your house. Man I think it is great that some of you have the time to mix Herbs and use the mix to smoke your house. But me yup again I am to lazy for that a smudge wand and a feather does just fine.. If I am mixing herbs it is going to be for a tea..

 I even do my daily meditations easy.. Here is one ex sample from you tube.
Go check it out I bet you that you will love it. It is not that I don't Love my faith. I do, don't ever fret about my love for the Gods and the Goddess, I just have three young children and these little things help me keep up with my spirituality.
 Is lazy witchery contagious? Not that I know of But here may be some signs, Do you often run out of time? Are you very last minute? Do you often forget vital ritual tools? Are you often sleepy or worn out? Do you have small children?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions. Than you are the witch I am looking for. Simply follow my blog and get the fast and easy way to witchery... Thats right quick and easy tips to make your holiday just as grand as the rest of them pagans who have all day.
 So hear on this blog you will find a way to do things quick and easy, a little thing I like to call Lazy Witchery..
Blessings and Love



    Can't wait til I have more time to peruse through your entire blog.

    p.s. saw your comment over at That Witch is True and had to check you out. Great minds ya know ; )

  2. I know I felt the same way about you!

  3. LMAO, Inish, muh dear, you crack me up. I laughed all the way through this blog. Especially after my craft-tacular ritual i did up for us the other night. HA HA. See, you can do lazy witchery because I'm crafty enough for the two of us.

  4. P.S> notice how i said iniSH like i've been getting into the ritual wine? that was completly by accident. LOL

  5. LOL, I know you are crafty enough for the both of us. As I sit here twiddlin my two left thumbs!!!