Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Nutty are you?

Recently I was reading good house keeping magazine. (from August 2010) When I found a little article on Nuts and your personality, I was stunned at how very accurate this was. As I read I found that they tested this on more than 1,000 volunteers. So now for your viewing pleasure A simple Nut divination.....

It is very simple, Five Nuts are listed, You pick your favorite out of the five scroll down and see what that nut says about your personality...

Salted Peanuts



  1. Strange you should mention nuts. I had the t.v. going on last night but not paying really close attention to it until they said that the number one cause for people having to go to hospitals was for food allergies. And you guessed it, one of these major allergies that causes the throat to tighten and close up was nuts! Milk was another one and I can't remember the rest. So, what does that mean if a person's allergic to nuts? Btw, I love pecans and eat them practically every day ;)

  2. Ha ha ha, guess what I picked?! And I didn't even cheat I SWEAR!!!!


  3. Wendy, I am not sure that it means anything to be allergic to a nut.. LOL At lease this article never mentioned anything about it.
    But pecans are a great choice just the same, Thanks for your post!!!

  4. Gypsy, I am stunned that we would pick the same thing... LOL Hugz