Thursday, January 13, 2011

What"s for dinner? #1

I am an easy going cook! I love to cook but it has to be yummy and quick and easy, So here is my first blog in a new chapter of blogs called whats for dinner.

Tonight Smothered Chops
( o yeah I measure kinda funky, Well I don't measure,,,,LOL)
4-6 boneless chops
2 hand fulls flour
3 pinches of the Greek (Cavender"s All purpose greek seasoning* Totally love this shit*)
3 pinches of chicken seasoning ( I use Bavarian inn chicken seasoning made right here in Frakenmuth MI)
3 Pinches Southwest seasoning mix( pampered chef)
3 pinches of garlic salt
3 pinches of onion salt
1 can chicken broth
1 jar of mushroom Alfredo sauce
1 box whole wheat rotini noodles
olive oil
Start to boil your water for noodles
 with your pork chops Take a paper towel and blot the chops on both sides, Mix the flour and all seasoning in a shallow bowl, Take chops and dip Both sides of chop in seasoned flour, Warm olive oil in frying pan, Fry chops until lightly brown on both sides, remove chops and set aside, In the frying pan you will have some drippings from the chops scape the drippings into a large sauce pan, add the chicken broth and the mushroom Alfredo, put sauce on top of stove top  and stir, add in pork chops when sauce is smooth simmer for 20 min.
cook noodles when simmering the chops,
When done place a cup of noodles on the plate add chop and smother with sauce............
It is very yummy!


  1. Girl, you are my kinda cook! I am so excited about more recipes to come.

    It's like I say, when I'm hungry I don't wanna piss around with fussy recipes, I wanna EAT!

  2. LOL You bet I am the same way!!!