Sunday, January 2, 2011

The time is near.....

Yup it is almost that time of year when my witchy twin comes for her annual visit to the cold depths of the north. ( for more info on my witchy twin go here For the full story)
( I am getting so excited *****squeeeaaakkkk******) I look forward to this visit every year. Not just because my witchy twin comes to see me,,, Did I mention she is coming to see me. LOL But Because of were we go on this trip.
 Ya that’s right we are going out on the town ladies..
In Michigan here we have a huge pagan gathering called Convocation.... OMGoddess it is wonderful, Every year I have taken classes that I love. I have learned things that have changed my life, I have had wonderful  experiences  meeting new and fabulous people. It is just a great event. go check it out....
But this is my third year attending< and I am so excited because Gypsy and My favorite author Chis Penczak.... Is going to be there and doing a few classes.....(which i am so freaking stoked about..) So Gypsy went from I don’t know if I can come this year to Woo-Hoo book the hotel Inis.
 I really want to touch base on the classes they offer here, Now I have taken some bunk classes at this event, But for the most part I have taken some wonderful classes, And had fun in some great rituals. I have to say Gypsy and I both loved the Norse ritual, > 9 worlds of the north< and it was so great. I also took this class on Green Burial, Loved it. Plus a ton of others This is a 4 day event, and classes go from 9am-8pm, Then the drumming starts. O yeah baby the drumming.

 So if you get some free time go check out the Convocation page, click on Programming and the go to classes I believe that is how it works, and then tell me what class you would take this year. Then I am going to try and find my notes from years past and share some of my favorite classes I have taken. So keep your eye out on my blog for lessons from con… LOL
Witchy hugz


  1. You are so lucky to have such a bond with another woman. I don't want to get into details, but cherish it girl, cherish it. I miss that bond, every day.

  2. Thank-You Dark mother,I am so happy to have met you, I hope we will be friends for a long time.
    Witchy Hugz

  3. IT'S ALMOST TIME!!!!! I am so freakin excited I squeel everytime I think about it!! The drum circle video has me all jazzed up and ready to dance! And this year I won't be preggo so we can really live it up! I hope I don't scare Chris. I was pretty mellow the first time I met him in person, so it shouldn't be too bad. LOL

  4. I am so excited!!!! LOL I think I am going to go shopping for some good witchy gear!! LOL Hugz