Thursday, January 13, 2011

My word of the year!!!

Sorry it is so late guys, But man o man this year came in with a bang! I have had sick kids a sick pop's that is my dads nick name pops or daddy O. And well I haven't had time to breath let alone blog. LOL
But it is slowly winding down.

My word of the year is Generate,

I need to generate More energy to do the things I love,
I need to generate more income for my family,
I need to generate more time to finish old projects,
I need to generate more patience when tending to my children,
And I need to generate a change in my live to find my self again,

I have been changing my life extremely over the last 8 years, I was a party girl that was who I was, and the only girl i really new as me, So now that I am a mother of 3 I just became Mom, To my husband I just became wife, And to my self I just became lost, This year I am redefine who I am, I am going to try and find the new woman i have became in the hustle and bustle called life. I am making career change, I am going to make healthy change, and I am making new and improved house hold change, ( in other words everyone is going to be doing chores not just me.) So this year the Goddess has sent great change to me, And I better make it work...
Love and Hugz


  1. Generate all those things and anything else your heart desires!