Sunday, February 20, 2011

What the hell happend!!!!

Well friends welcome to the name of the game! After this blog you should fully under stand why I call My self the Mad Madam...

  So now that I just stepped one foot out of the underworld, I need to catch up with all of you and have all of you catch up with me.

 So this year sucks ass! yupp I said it. This year blows, I officially hate 2011. in the month of January we had not 1 but 4 deaths. yup it was horrible.
 first off my husbands Aunt,\

Then Hubby's Grandpa, Which officially marks the end of his family.(besides me and the kids of course)

Then My brothers best friend lost his 14 month old little girl to suffocation,

And then my husbands childhood pastor, (even though hubby is no longer Christian he still loved his old pastor and was friends with his children)

 I couldn't believe it! all in one week, it was unreal. I am doing better finally I tryed to write about 2 weeks ago and just couldn't do it.

Blog friends
I am trying so hard to catch up but there has been over a month lost, So if I have missed something or haven't posted a comment please don't hold it against me. I love your blogs thats why I read them.. LOL

The second thing that has been going on is Girl Scouts, Yupp my daughters love it! and I am a fearless leader. lol Well it is the much dreaded cookie time. Yes the time of year that Gypsy hates more than anything else in the world. My friend Gypsy Hates this time of the year because I can not keep up with anything. LOL
Then to top all of this up I am trying to get my Business up and running. LOL it is not going as smooth as I would like. And I need to put a little more elbow grease into before lift off.... LOL
Plus  during all of this My oldest the Gamer well he has been having some medical issues. don't worry nothing to worry about. I have been dealing with this in a holistic way< but we have had some small procedures and so far they have found nothing. So lets keep our fingers crossed.
 So as always 1,000 crazy ass things are happing all of which make up the story of my life. 10,000 balls in the air and watch not a one will hit the ground. I have this way of dealing with stress that is simple and easy to do,( whats that you say? How do I do this?) The Answer is simple stand in the middle of a crowded room and scream at the top of your lungs. Yup thats it . it works every time, After I do this public display of humiliation things seem so much simpler.......
I hope you all have a blessed day!


  1. Inis, I don't think you would thrive without Chaos ruling your life. It seems like thats when you are at your peak though, lol. Sorry about all the heartache of death that you and your family have had to endure this month. Hopefull its all smooth sailing from this point out for ya!

  2. Yes, Cookie Time is the suckiest time of year, period! It's been a little better this year since you have a cookie mom, too bad she's turned out to be a psycho. In any case, I will be landing in TWO days!!! WHA-HOO!!