Monday, February 24, 2014

Holy Hanna!

I love the phrase Holy Hanna! not sure why, But it fits I think.
   So it has been forever and a day since I have written a blog.
The main reason is because I am just plain lazy. the other reasons consist of kids, sports, scouts, and just finding the time.

  But in the essence of my chaos , A long term disability I struggle with. Blogging has fell to the wayside. The problem being I truly do love sharing my very simple views on Paganism. So I am going to try again, Maybe Just maybe I will do a blog once a month or something. ;) who knows.

 As most of you know I practice the art of Lazy witchery. I have worked really hard at maintaining my title. Well this year at the annual Michigan Convocation. Which by the way I recommend all of you try it at lease one time. I know it is all the way in Michigan. And yes it is the middle of winter and it is cold here. But this is an indoor event. I cant tell you how much I have learned of the years at con. Plus the wonderful people I have met and became close to. It is just all the way a round a good time.

 Ok  Sorry about the sales pitch I swear I am not con staff or even a person of interest in there world.

 So back to Lazy witchery. I wrote a blog on this a long time ago if you didn't read it please check it out.
But after my convocation. I have confirmed my place as a lazy witch. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a lazy witch. don't care what you say. It is all about the different strokes for different folks.

 But I did have some very profound experiences. I retook a class on akashic wisdom. With Jackie Smith and Patty Shaw.
and wow is all I can say. I took this class years ago. actually the first time they ever taught the class. I was in it. With about 200 people. and let me tell ya it was hard to get into the meditation with that many people. But this time with a small group of  30-40 it was nice. It awakened something I thought was long dead. but it was something I need to revisit.  So I bought the book. LOL now I know what your think yup you went to a lecture and bought a book. but actually I bought the book before the class. Just because I knew I wanted more knowledge on the subject. So I will have to give you all a quick book review later.

 I have also decide to include some of my Lazy witch spell work.
My favorite morning cup of Herbal
spearmint and anise
mix together and make a fantastic cup of herbal tea. As you drink you morning brew sit back and enjoy every sip. enjoy and taste the flavor. Look at this cup of herbal as a gift that the great ones have given you.
Meaning behind these herbs:
 anise is good for weight loss.. which the witch needs a lot of. and spearmint is for Financial matters. It helps you plan and stay on a budget.  ;)

 Now in lazy witchery we put the herbs in make our brew. lol and look that shit up when we got time.. lol I love making magick this way.
 So the Gods and Goddess are telling me loose weight and make a budget.. LOL I think I may need to do a little more work on this one

Hope you all have a blessed day!

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    Just in case any one was wondering wear to get this book.. :)