Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toon time.Blog game

 My family addiction is cartoons. LOL  We all like toons. And everyone has their favorite, but by far the family fav is the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

 you can watch an episode here

I am telling you we crack up over this cartoon. Tonight we watched "Druid, Where is my car?" and omg I cracked up.  And just so everyone knows I am not picking on druids, I like druids..
But the episode is so funny. I almost pissed my pants.
Just the whole thought of this cartoon is funny. These 2 kids trapping the grim reaper is hilarious. If you have never watched this you need to.

 Here in the land of the Mad Madam we take our toons seriously. You have to identify your self with a toon in order for us to properly grasp you as a person. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy describe our family comedy as a whole, but individually this is what we look like.

  My son, Yup, poor thing is an alien.
Ben 10 is his toon

My oldest daughter,
She is the most misunderstood!

The youngest daughter
Yup, it is all about the me time.
Agnes from Despicable me

The hubby and I, yup, you guessed it
I am Dory
and he is Marlin
From finding Nemo

Now can you understand why we love cartoons.... LOL

So this is actually a fun little blog, I dare you all to give it a try!

Find a toon that will describe every member of your family and post it in your blog.
Dont forget to leave me a comment here telling me you posted a toon blog. So i can come check it out.
Big Hugz


  1. This is hilarious! We love Billy and Mandy too! Actually we watch all these cartoons aside from Ben 10.

    What's funny is when you and I are together I always envision us as Dory and Marlin. LOL You are so Dory: relaxed and groovy, having a great time, and I'm Marlin: stressed out and trying to micromanage every detail until we get there. LOL

  2. LOL, All i know is I am with out a doubt Dory!!
    All i can say is just keep swiming swiming swimming... LOL

  3. Yes, you truly are. I just fill in for Marlin when your hubs is at home. LOL

  4. Hello, I love your blog it is so awesome. I wanted to put your button on my blog but I cant find it. Do you have one?

  5. I just watched an episode of Billy and Mandy on the computer and OMG it IS really funny and yah, you're definately Dory, lol!

  6. Irish Goddess, No I do not have a botton yet I hope to have one by the end of the week. But thanks for reading....

    Wyckked aint that episode the best. it craCKED ME UP... Love yas