Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bitch who is wearing the red shoes now!!!!

I know Just the title makes you gitty! Well as some of you know I went to a pagan convention as I do every year. As always there are some Highlights to certain classes I have taken. So if you get all squeamish at these words, Spells, charms, hex, Hoo-Doo, poppet's and revenge you might want to quit reading now. Because this isn't your Grandmas Magick.

 The title was chosen Because Gypsy and I, Purchased a gift for our friend. It was a coffee mug that had a pair of ruby red slippers on it, And it read Bitch who's got the red shoes now. LMFAO So that became our theme of the weekend. it seemed every time something came up it was Bitch who's got the red shoes now. So in light of that this blog is about all of the magical things that go Bump in the Night!( insert wicked cackle here, BbbbuuuuuaaaaWWWWaaaaaahhhhhhaaaa!!!!!!!)

 Now please keep in mind that I am sharing these things Just because they are fun.  This was a fun hearted class on Swamp witchery( instructed by Dorthy Morrison and Jacki Smith) and please remember anything that can be used in a bad way can also be used in a good way!

 So we are just going to jump in to the nitty gritty of things, This class was mainly about making something out of nothing. The biggest lesson I think any witch could ever know is , There is a perfect witch who gets her shopping list together, picks up every little thing you could ever need in ritual or spell work, And then there is me that fly's by the sit of her pants and in a pinch any lttle herb in the garden will do, because sweetie it is all about intent.

  So lets start with poppet's, Now I have never used a poppet. And I mean never.. just something I didn't want to fuck with you know. But after this class. I think I have a whole new way of thinking. LOL
So they showed us a few very simple ways to make a poppet. Plus the obvious what the heck do you, do with one. ( some of which i knew but again i just didn't want to fuck with it) one after you give the poppet a purpose you can give it the gift of life by a breath or by whispering its name to it. You can also give it a Quickening by spitting alcohol on it. You can use different types depending on the purpose of the poppet. But don't forget to give it a death date(this be one of the things i didn't know). That is a time when your poppet must quit working, I guess the little buggers can get a mind of there own if a death date is not given. But you can also stuff your poppet full of things to help your magic out, Like clove to shut someones mouth. Or a note of something that person is forgetting to do.
But always remember to try and exhaust all mundane options first. Like trying to call them or ask for your money.

  Next off we have my favorite of all. and that was a quick Motivation spell.( my Hubby better watch out on this one). LOL
Cheyenne pepper
Red pepper
ground pepper
Place mixture in shoes to help them stay motivated on a certain task or to pick up the pace.

 How about if you want to end a relationship ( this one is from Dorthy.....By the way I adore her, and just think she is the funnest person ever) You are just sick of someones shit. You can write there name on a piece of toilet paper and wipe your ass with them. LOL I love that one, I laughed so hard I dam near pissed my pants.

 So I think that just started the whole mood for the weekend. we had a great and fun weekend, But this was a very fun class. For anyone who is interested in checking out some really cool products Made by Jackie Smith , You can check out her website at, She makes some really cool candles and all kinds of stuff!! My fav is the Van van oil....By the end of the weekend Gypsy was picking on me about the Van van. The term she used was you are acting like the old man from my big fat greek wedding with the windex. I was walking around all weekend saying o just put some van van on it... lol
 I hope you all have a Blessed Day!


  1. haha hahahaha! I so forgot about that toilet paper spell!!! And you seriously are like that with the Van Van, though I guess I really can't talk smack since I've already used that shit like a dozen times since I got home. LOL

  2. I put van van on the kids today... LOL they started fighting and sure as shit it stoped. Van van is the way to go!!! LOL

  3. The TP Spell Is Too Funny!! You might want to get a gallon of Van Van the way you are going, lol! By the way, I am NOT missing Convocation next year damn it! LOL!

  4. I am so glad you are not going to miss it. Ya the TP is way funny. I almost pissed myself when she said it!!

  5. Oh that sounds like so much fun! I have most of Dorothy's books and I have had many email conversations with her I have one of her #'d altar cloths and 2 of her bags a big mojo bag and a small one. She is always sending me emails when I say I want it 'Darlin, I hate to tell you the price to ship it to Canada, are you sure you want this?' LOL DUH of course I do, she has sent me at no cost signed book things for each of my books I love that woman, smokes, drinks coffee from her bedside coffee pot lol she is amazing

  6. I love that toilet paper spell. I once did something similar except I wrote someone's name on a piece of toilet paper, put it in the toilet then pissed on it. Kind of a "piss on them" thing : )

    Great minds : )