Saturday, March 5, 2011

What am I

So in recently I have been having talks with with friends and what not about religious views and etc. And constantly I am face with the same thing as always.  That is to put a name to what type of Pagan I am. I find this funny that everyone needs to name how they feel and what they are. I guess I dint look at being pagan like that at all.

  In a recent class that I took, The teacher didn't like the term ecclectic he felt that didn't describe who or what he was. I simply don't care what label others feel I need to have. I love Irish folklore, I love Irish magic, I love Gypsy folklore and Gypsy magic, I love welsh folklore and welsh magic, I love Buddhism and feel the magic there. I love my roots and family traditions that make again magic, I also like Hoo-Doo.   I grew up Catholic and Pentecostal, I worked at a Lutheran school for a long time. And in Christianity in all forms I found Magic. I am a mixed breed of Prussian, Irish, welsh, and French. LMFAO no wonder I cant put a name to it, I am simply an American  pagan Mutt. But if you ask me what kind of pagan are you?  you will be told the spiritual Kind....
Blessings and love


  1. Awesomeness Inis. Perfect.

  2. I always get so discombobulated when some question pops up about religion... what sort of Pagan am I? Honestly, I do my best to avoid the whole conversation, but if pushed I'll either say "I am me" or "Polytheist".

    To get into the specifics of "I am a Religio Romana Polytheist Quaker" just seems to be too much of a mouthful and too much explanation.

    I am with you about it being funny that everyone needs to label. Another thing I find funny is people having to tell the exact years they've been Pagan. I've never heard Christians do that!

  3. LOL, I love it Cora! I know just what you mean. The time thing is always funny. Thanks for your post.

    And Dark Mother Right back at ya, You are awesome too!!

  4. O yeah! I cant believe I forgot about the Norse, LOL As all of you know my God is Loki!!!! LOL so ya I have a fine pull to Norse magic also!!!

  5. LOL, I love your label for yourself "The Spiritual Kind!" I label you and you beliefs as "FUCKING AWESOME!". How does this teacher classifies his beliefs? Because you know he does to some extent because its human nature to classify ourselves or things in one way or another to distinguish them from other classifications or labels. He has to put a name on his belief system for himself as well as for others to recognise it and/or participate in it. I am guessing it is his own self created belief system then and thats cool. For me I don't mind putting a label on my belief system cuz if I don't someone else will so with that I am (label 1) Pagan, (label 2) Witch, (label 3) Eclectic - Webster's classification = selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles - yup thats me, and I love me so go ahead and and label the fuck out of my ass all ya want it won't change the way I practice or believe and believe me you I have been labeled a lot of things in my life and mostly the word "Bitch" for whatever reason, I know, hard to belive huh?lol and I will own that label too, lol. I love ya Inis and to me you are one great big ball of wonderful fun, so own that proudly baby! "Spiritually" of course,lol.

  6. Ha ha ha Bitch I love it! Thank you so much !